Emergent is the company behind a smart network operating platform that will revolutionise how electricity is distributed, bought, consumed and traded globally. We are creating a new technology ‘backbone’ for electricity grids that will stimulate innovation and change how we think about and use electricity.

The opportunity is considerable. Every electricity grid has huge untapped financial and technological potential as a platform for innovation and new service delivery. They are essentially large communication systems, capable of connecting multiple generators with a vast network of consumers.

Today, most of these grids are under-used and are operating primarily as a one-way delivery system rather than a multi-lane highway where distributors, consumers, and alternative power generators can benefit from a free-flow of information, backwards and forwards.

In the future, enabled by our platform, an electricity grid will act as a communications network and marketplace, as well as a distributor of power to consumers, and will allow multiple users and technologies to interact seamlessly and in real time.

Ultimately this will make buying and using electricity easier, cheaper and more reliable than it is today – for everyone.

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